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• Possible Web Content

You may wish to include other tools and information in your site. The following is a list of many of the additional things you can include in building your web site. Ask for a quote on any of the following add-on services.

  • Newsletter
    • Include a signup box on website
  • Message Board
  • Blog
  • Customized Email Forms
    • Cgi-bin and perl related forms
    • Includes "return to" specified site page
    • Include autoresponder message
  • Calender
  • Chat Room
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Background music
  • Video multimedia
  • Slideshows
  • Additional graphics
  • Site tours
  • Video tour
  • Video conversions
  • Interactive media (quizzes, fill blanks, mix/match, multiple choice etc)
  • Web-casts (video or audio only)
  • Shopping cart ecommerce site set up
  • Auctions
  • Classifieds
  • Image Galleries
  • Postcards
  • Web Rings
  • Add a Map/Directions
  • Add the Weather

Creative Works:

  • Graphic Text
    • Scrolling
    • Sliding
    • Flashing
    • More....
  • Syndicated Content (RSS feed)
  • Add Feed to web site
  • Create a Feed and add to site
  • PDF Created Pages
  • For Business Forms, e-books, Fact Sheets, application forms etc

  • Site Visitor Counter
  • Guestbook Add on
  • Small Forms
  • Mid-size Forms
  • Large Forms
  • Specialized Scripts (php)
  • Interactive Customer Scripts
  • Basic Database Creation
  • Apache & php scripting
  • Site Maintenance and Updates
    Base - Per hour Fees - Base fee is $40 / hr
  • Uploading Customer creative files to site
    eg. power point presentations, spreadsheet, word doc., pdf's and other file extensions available for uploading to your server (depends on server file extension permissions)
  • Add music videos or other .wma (windows media file extensions) to web site.
  • * Other services might be applicable, request a quote.

** Where available, we uses the most afforable options for your web design. This will keep your web design costs down while providing a website you can be proud about.

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