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• General Pricing

Site packages vary in price depending exactly on what you would like to include with your web site and the programming language allowed for the hosting service your site is set up with.

Here are some of the basic fees for creating your web site:

INCLUSIVE with your Site
  • Templated or Personalized Site Designs
  • Text
  • Email links
  • Hyperlinks
  • Choosing colors
  • Site Header / Footer(logos or graphics), (copyright)

Initial Site Consultation $75
The consultation is where we discuss what you want from site, templates chosen, and content is discussed. This is the preplanning session for your site.
Hosting Fees and set up Varies with hosting service. It depends on what you want out of your web site and whether you choose to have a "domain name" eg. Quotes given depending on services needed from site.

Basic site set up fee is $30. This does not include fees for the web site host. Estimates are available.
Domain Name (Aquiring/transferring) $45 +up
Basic Site (0-5 pages)
Includes html coding, your logo, and up to 5 pages of content. Site pages generally about the size of a letter (8.5 X 11.5), design layout, colors, images, banners, email links and site links.
$50 per page
Over 5 pages 6 + pages @ $40 per page
Basic Hourly Fee $35 / hr
For Scriptwork and PHP/Database rates @ $75/hr

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